How to Look After Your Leather Clothes in Proper Way?

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Anyone’s wardrobe may benefit from the inclusion of leather clothing. Leather is also used for shirts, pants, skirts, and belts, while jackets and shoes are the most frequent types of leather apparel. A leather item may be a wearable part of your wardrobe for years if properly cared for.

Leather is the skin of an animal that has been tanned and processed. Buffalo, cow, pig, and lambskins are the most prevalent. Keep in mind that your leather clothing is created from animal skins while caring for them. Leather, like human skin, is permeable and requires special attention.

How to care for leather?

After purchasing any leather garment like women’s leather pants, you should first treat it with leather protection. This is generally always where you’ll discover it when buying leather. This solution normally comes in a spray container and costs between three and ten bucks.

Spray a little coating over the entire clothing when you bring it home, let it dry, then reapply. This will assist to extend the life of your item and make cleaning easier. It also helps to keep the leather from drying out by protecting it from moisture.

One thing to keep in mind when wearing your outfit is to keep it as dry as possible. Because this isn’t always possible, properly drying the leather will extend the life of the garment. Leather should always be air-dried in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. Humidity and heat will cause the leather to dry out too quickly, resulting in cracking.

If you’re wearing leather shoes, tuck tissue inside to absorb any excess moisture. If feasible, hang the shoes from a shoetree. Leather shoes absorb sweat from your feet as well. If you want to extend the life of your shoes, don’t wear them every day.

How to clean leather garments?

Cleaning leather is a difficult task. Ink, paint, and stains caused by severe chemicals are generally impossible to remove. Dust, powder, soda, water, and juice may all be handled as long as the problem is cleaned up fast. When dealing with liquids, use a dry towel to blot the stain rather than wiping it away. On tougher leathers, carefully wash away powders, dust, or mud stains using a sponge and warm water. A suede brush may be used to gently brush dirt away from suede goods.

Winter is unavoidable if you live in a colder climate. Leather shoes and the bottoms of leather pants for women will stick to the salt used to clean roads and sidewalks. Remove the smudges with a gentle cloth and warm water.

Soaps, solvents, silicone, and harsh chemicals are generally not recommended for leather apparel, with the exception of shoes. When caring for your clothes, pay great attention to the care labels. When wearing leather gear, avoid spraying hair care products and scents. These substances might permanently stain and discolor the object. Before using any polishes or lotions on your shoes, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you are unable to clean the item yourself, you can hire a professional to do it. Look for a dry cleaner that specialised in leather products in your local Yellow Pages.

Some dry cleaners are unfamiliar with the methods involved in leather production and the glues used in garment construction. Making a few phone calls to find someone who knows how to clean leather and suede is never a bad idea.

The leather can stiffen if it is constantly exposed to moisture (sweat, rain, urine, alcohol, etc.). Test the cleaner on a smaller, less apparent area before cleaning the entire surface of your leather item. Take a few moments to think about it. Continue with the rest of the item if there is no color distortion. A patch test is required!


You should keep a few things in mind to extend the life of your outfit. Remember the cold and dry guidelines while hanging clothing. Metal wire hangers tend to deform the curve of the leather, therefore always use broad and cushioned hangers. While the clothing is hanging, leave some room on either side. Leather clothes should never be stored in plastic bags or containers because they require air to breathe.


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