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How can coronavirus affect the UPSC prelims

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As all of us are well aware that UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams of India. An appropriate guidance and a passionate dedication are very important for all the aspirants to clear the exam.

This UPSC exam-taking group for 2021 could have been the one and only group of applicants to be affected by the pandemic that has enveloped the globe in a cloud of doubt.

It’s like removing the reins of a powerful horse that has been tearing through many obstacles with the assurance and precision result of a singular focus. It is the UPSC examination preparation process is not less than the metaphor that is employed.

Students who’ve been slogging throughout many months of preparation for one of nation’s most challenging exams have been put into a state that is ambiguous and anxiety.

Aspirants are in constant contact with experts who impart to them the essential traits which are designed to aid them in the most challenging situations that they will encounter when they begin their positions.

Since the pandemic seems to have appeared out of the blue, it’s imperative that those who are aspiring to become doctors use their mental faculties to concentrate their thoughts and take on a greater challenge.

Plans that are no longer in use will be put away, and new study strategies need to be created. And that’s just the beginning of the problem. So how do UPSC hopefuls stay focused and be successful in this obstacle?

How To Execute a New Plan to Face IAS Exams 2022?

The current scenario is that reports are spreading more quickly than the virus itself. Here’s how you can keep away the negative rumours about the test:

  • Keep in touch with your coaching center to receive regular updates,
  • Be on the lookout for news stories in the newspapers and on tv channels.
  • Get the details from reliable government portals.

Adjust and reset your settings with online classes:

The spread of the disease should not be a reason to stop you from pursuing the Civil Service dreams. If you decide to give up on your goals and give up, you’ll be announcing a premature loss. Keep in mind that nothing is lost! Every problem has solutions.

UPSC Coaching centers have been revising their programs and offering most effective online training and revision courses.

But it is essential to choose the most reliable sources from the vast amount of information accessible online. Candidates must be diligent studying the same way they did during the pre-COVID period.

If you are an UPSC candidate, you may consider the lockdown time as an chance to break down your time at home in a highly practical and efficient manner. With no outside distractions, it is a perfect setting that is ideal to study or revise.

A 24-hour period is separated in this manner:

  • 3 hours of leisure time and physical fitness
  • 10 to 11 hours of study
  • 3-4 hours of family time and entertainment.
  • 7 hours of restful sleep

Socializing and having fun is just essential as is studying. It allows you to recharge and refresh your mind to prepare for the next class. It also gives you the chance to keep up with the latest developments and news across the globe on television or in newspapers.

Tips To Stay Positive and Competent During the Pandemic : 

The psychological consequences of the national lockdown and the threat of a pandemic are concerns that must be recognized and taken care of. UPSC candidates are likely to go through a roller coaster of emotions, particularly for those who’ve put in many years of hard work determination, commitment, and sacrifice to take the exam in 2021 and make their goals become a reality.

Let’s look at some tips to help hopefuls smooth out of the mess and utilize it to the maximum advantage:

  • Utilize techniques of technology-based learning.
  • Get the most current news and information on the current situation through reading the newspaper.
  • Stay on top of all breaking news via reliable news sites.
  • Keep your routine in sync to stay alert and focused during the lockdown.
  • Spend more time on priority topics.
  • Avoid social media. It is a source of distraction as well as is a complete inefficient use of your time.
  • Set realistic goals each day.
  • Create mock-ups of tests and perform self-evaluation.
  • Contact your coach center to access all online classes and mock exams.
  • Keep active and fit.
  • Don’t risk getting sick.
  • Stay in touch with your teachers, your friends and family members to improve your mood.

The first step to qualify civil services exam is to appear in Prelims Crash courses. Although it does not contribute in final merit but without passing it you cannot appear in next stage, it is like start of journey .it seems very easy to those who clear this stage but appear like climbing Himalayas who cannot make through.



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