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Women’s Leather pants are generally on high rotation for me throughout the season since they’re easy to dress up or down and are also really comfortable and cosy–essential in the cold. Finding the ideal pair of leather pants for women was a shopping success for me since I searched high and low for the appropriate fit and style for my form for a long time, trying on a variety of brands until I found The One. There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking for a pair for yourself…

Prepare To Test On A Lot Of Different Pairs Of Shoes

Leather pants can be difficult to find online because the fit is so important, so I recommend putting them on in person. A pair with panelling is slightly simpler to mould to different body types and may be a bit more forgiving, but if you’re looking for leggings style pants like the ones I’m wearing above, you’ll need to make an effort to fit them in-store. Also, test a variety of brands because the cut might fluctuate significantly from one label to the next.

The Tighter The Leather Pants, The Better

Make sure any pair of women’s leather pants you put on is precisely fitting, with no creases or material collecting, because big trousers don’t look appropriate. Look for leather that doesn’t stretch since while they can be snug in the store, they might become quite saggy around the knees within a month, which isn’t the look you’re aiming for. Choose a leather that is both durable and comfy. They’re supposed to feel like a second skin, but not so tight that they’ll split at the least movement!

Consider Wearing High-Waisted Pants

Because my hips keep them up, I always opt for a high waisted leggings design. If they’re low waisted, they’ll slide down all the time, making the waist seem very loose and baggy. Keep in mind that you want a snug and secure fit. A high waist can also help you achieve a smoother shape, which means your entire outfit will sit more comfortably. It’s like having Spanx built in!

Customize Them

Make no apologies about having your leather pants adjusted. Don’t allow the fact that they’re too long to dissuade you if you’ve discovered the right pair. You can absolutely get them taken up, but you’ll need to locate a reputable tailor to do it. For the most attractive fit, make sure your pants hit just below the ankle bone.

You’ll find it simpler to combine your ladies’ leather pants with items like sneakers and flats if they’re cut at the ankle. This ensures that there is enough flesh visible between the end of your pants and the shoe. It may seem like a minor detail, but it makes a significant difference to your outfit. It also has the added bonus of making you appear longer.

Look Around

Leather pants of good quality may be costly, costing hundreds of dollars. This is why it’s crucial to select the ideal pair and then search around to see if you can get it cheaper online or in person. Make a mental note of the style you want and the stores that sell it, then keep an eye out for forthcoming deals. You might save a significant amount of money by putting forth a little more effort.

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