Best 12 Signs you Might be Twin Flame in Your Life

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What are twin flames? In some circles they are known as soul mates, in other circles “One true love” or “Better halves”. roam the earth in search of the other.

How do you know if you are in a Twin Flame relationship? Visionary artist Samuel Farrand and Cate Farrand describe recurring patterns found throughout their relationship.

1. You have indescribable feelings

A Twin-Flame connection feels magnetic, it is energetic, you can feel moody and very excited when your paths first cross. These are feelings shared by both souls.

2. You have a deep inseparable connection

The attraction cannot be denied. There is an attraction that brings them closer and when they come together they begin to intertwine their energies. Like an overhead cable, the connection becomes so strong that the connection is inseparable. The two souls are united forever.

3. You can read each others thoughts

Telepathy is not uncommon on a Twin Flame connection. Don’t be surprised if you end up finishing the other person’s sentences or knowing what the other person is thinking. Deep mental connection is normal and occurs regularly.

4. You see each others soul.

The eyes of your twin flame are those of familiarity, you have the feeling of looking at someone you have always known, you look beyond the body self and you look towards your twin flame.

5. You have childhood connections

They both have connections since childhood, this allows both of them to interact in a more innocent and youthful way. This will help your relationship run smoothly.

6. There is synchronicity in each others birthdays

Twin Flames also share a familiarity between birthdays, they can be born in the same month or year, or born on the same calendar day, born on a different day but born at the same time. These are all indications that the two souls were one.

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7. You share identical or mirror physical scars in life from before you met.

It is not uncommon for both of them to have scars in exact locations or parallel to each other. Like moles, they are called “soul spots.” They are indicators of the paths of life that every soul promises to take in this sphere of reality. Twin Flames walk the same path and will generally exhibit identical soul characteristics.

8. You both have the same interests and life goals in mind

Since twin flames are one and the same, it also means that they will share similar career options. This is a great advantage and leads to early success as both of you can use the same energy to achieve the same goal. This brings us to number 9.

9. You both have what the other lacks in skills/experience.

That is why Twin-Flames is successful. Both parts of the brain work in harmony to solve problems. Obstacles are quickly resolved and the solution is almost instantaneous when a conflict arises. Twin Flames are often entrepreneurs who stand out in their passion together.

10. You work great with one another

The exchange of energy when twin flames work together on a project is simply harmonious. Intuitively, Twin Flames know their strengths and weaknesses and take responsibility where the other falls short. Housework / projects become easy and living together is spent enjoying each other’s presence instead of arguing about who does what.

11. You can bring out the best in one another or the worst

We’ve covered some of the “butterfly in the stomach” aspects of a Twin-Flames relationship, now let’s take a closer look. If anyone knows how to push your buttons, it will be your Twin Flame and you will know the exact button to press to make everything explode into an emotional catastrophic fireball.

Unfortunately some twin flame relationships don’t work because twin flames are real mirrors of each other and some couples cannot see that reflection, but the opposite is often the case and 999 angel number twin flames bring out the best in each other to make their relationship. happy and secure.

12. When there is a disagreement it’s often times deeply emotional or passionate.

As mentioned above, not everything is covered in candy, when 1010 angel number Twin Flames disagrees it is not easy, it is often very passionate and fiery. Ironically, in most cases, twin flames try to communicate in the same way with each other because they are practically the same person.

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