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The Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic on The Video Game Industry

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The world has changed a lot since March of 2020. At one point or another, every one of us has in some way been affected by the pandemic. Healthcare aside, there have been significant shifts in industries from every range of work. Slowly but surely, a major percentage of work has moved away from fields and offices.

Similarly, there have been remarkable alterations in the gaming industry as well. Whether for better or worse, things are now different everywhere. To better understand the effect of this pandemic, we must take a look at statistical studies.

Increase in time spent on gaming

There was a whopping thirty-six percent increase in what time people spent on computers or video games worldwide. In North America, there was a fifteen percent increase in 2020, while in Asia, there was a fifty-two percent increase. The notable thing here is that this was just by June 2020.

Furthermore, there is an interesting figure that pops up in studies. In a study, sixty percent of the people report playing multiplayer games while forty percent played non-multiplayer games. On top of that, there is remarkable growth in monthly expenditure on video games in the Asia-Pacific region.

It is understandable why this would happen. People had to stay within their homes, and workplace activities had to cease for a long time. With this sudden shift in lifestyle, it isn’t surprising that people spend time on computers. Whether recreation or escapism, video games were a big help to people.


The effect upon game sales

Observing the interval of March to August of last year, there was an upward trend in sales. In the United States itself, sales went up by thirty-eight percent from March to April. While the trend was unreliable in later months, it is clear that the pandemic held sway over video games.

To elaborate, we can look at the revenue Sony and Microsoft recently earned. With just their sales in consoles, the revenue is adding up to $45 billion in 2020. However, a survey from Forbes reports gamers saying that video games, Robux were starting to get too expensive.

Overall, the graphs are complicated, and we shouldn’t expect anything else. With how historical the pandemic became, the changes in sales and revenue are not going to be a straight line. There is a lot to deduce and infer from the studies, but a major part of it tells us that there has been better than harm.  Also, Get Microsoft Redeem Code.

Streaming sector and what the changes mean

From the first quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020, there was a fourteen percent increase in downloads of the Twitch app. One study shows that the growth in viewership was about eighty-three percent on Twitch. It is a massive number and shows how many people spent time on live streams.

Furthermore, the streaming industry has witnessed an increase of ninety-nine percent overall. There is no way that such a giant leap would be possible if not for the pandemic. More and more people choose to stay in the comfort of their homes and switch to platforms like Twitch.

Similarly, people are choosing to watch live streams in their free time. With the hassle of office etiquette out the window, workers can now do their jobs while watching their favorite Twitch streamers. All of this is an extension of the stay-at-home rules we followed for almost a year.

On top of all of this, the recent inclination towards video games is an incentive for streamers. Several accounts of people quitting their jobs to turn to stream in the past year. When we add the unfortunate layoffs to the equation, it is even more tempting to move to Twitch.

Negative impacts on the industry

The biggest hit that the industry faced due to Covid-19 was canceling thousands of events and Esports. Annual events like E3 or similar conventions were postponed as well. All of this is a huge loss to the industry because these events brought in a lot of revenue.

The prohibition of gatherings led to the canceling of major Esport leagues. As such, the professional players suffered losses due to the pandemic. While a quick shift was to bring these events to an online platform, it was still big enough to cause losses.

While the pandemic has brought about many gains for the industry, it also caused losses. It is difficult to conclude that all has been good for game developers and conglomerates. However, the harm is recoverable if the incredible trend swing remains constant.

It would be difficult for companies like Sony or Microsoft to keep the sales up where they are. Although the boost came as a blessing, it might die down now that normalcy is returning. Still, it is safe to say that gaming has become a major part of the world economy.

With streamers and triple-A titles in the mix, the sales can increase further and further. Hopefully, a continuous observation of 2021 will reveal what is in store for the industry now. Whether it’s a steady future or a dip back down to pre-pandemic conditions, we are yet to see.


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