What Is a Twin Flame Relationship And Love?

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There are different types of romantic relationships that you may encounter in your life. From that life-changing first love that will always hold a special place in your heart, to the best friend who unexpectedly becomes your lover, or the partner who makes you experience the bitter taste of betrayal for the first time.

Some relationships will last for years, some will last overnight, some will end peacefully and gently, some will tear you apart.

But all these people play an important role in your life, they are all destined to teach you a lesson that will make you wiser and bring you closer to your divine purpose.

Chances are, you’ve come across the term “twin flame” somewhere during your internet travels. You have also likely screwed up the concept by thinking that twin flames are synonymous with soul mates.

And you’ve heard it all before, so you kept scrolling because the end of the internet awaits. The terms “twin flame love” and “soul mate” are often confused and used interchangeably. However, twin flame love goes beyond what we think of when we think of soulmates.

What is a Twin Flame Love?

The soul is the divine essence of every human being, that part of us made entirely of pure light and love, which is given to us in each reincarnation to guide us, to awaken to our divine purpose through the gift of intuition.

Our soul speaks to us. When in doubt, always listen to your soul. But apparently two or more people can share a soul.

Plato was the first to talk about it in his mythical dialogue entitled “The Symposium”, in which he said that humans have two faces, four arms and four legs.

Not content with the fact that humans had too much power, the gods split them in half, resulting in the humans we see today.

Is He My Twin Soul? Signs He Definitely Is

Plato, therefore, says that every human being now on earth has another half, with the same “essence”, since the face, arms and legs that he describes are metaphors for the soul or human essence.

That is why all people have a soul mate, someone with whom they share the same soul.

The word “flame” was added to the phrase “twin flame” due to the fact that on the astral plane the soul is seen as a burning flame.

It can also symbolize “fire”, the strange and extremely powerful attraction that twin flames feel when they first meet.

What everyone who has met their Twin realizes is that the Twin Flame connection is deeply spiritual.

Every human being feels it very strongly, in the form of a life-changing love that turns your world upside down, reflecting you and your deepest wounds to help you heal and give meaning to your life, and to help you move forward. your life. spiritual path.

Sign #1: When you first met, you felt a powerful, magnetic, and magical connection.

You may even have felt that you had known them before, or that you had known them forever, but you were immediately drawn to them and the communication was natural and authentic as if you were talking to an old friend.

He probably also met them by accident, at a time when he was not looking for love at all and in a place where it seemed highly unlikely to find a potential mate, but he immediately felt that he was the one.

Sign #2: You share the same life purpose and spiritual path.

Since you come from the same soul family, you likely have the same divine mission here on Earth.

Therefore, you and your Twin Flame love may have similar careers, interests, and the same vocation.

Since the purpose of a 4444 angel number Twin Flame is to help us grow spiritually, they may have a mission to do together, such as starting a business together, helping people while working as a team, or simply building something beautiful together.

Sign #3: You experienced a perfect connection from the very beginning.

From the first day you met your 1122 angel number Twin Flame, you had an intense feeling of being safe with them.

You felt like you could talk to them like you would talk to your best friend, even though they were actually strangers.

You instinctively knew that you could trust them with anything, and they had an understanding and open attitude towards you from day one.

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