Full Body Checkup In Delhi NCR

Full Body Checkup In Delhi NCR At-Home Collection

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Why are at-home blood sample collections new in this Covid-19 pandemic?

In this pandemic, this can be tough for most patients to move out of their homes for blood check-ups.

We are ready to take care of your health with our Full Body Checkup in Delhi NCR at-home sample collection.

Full Body Package is one of the trusted at-home collection services in Delhi NCR.

and a network of fully self-operated labs in Delhi.

At-home services are acquiring a place in India, with over 300+ million people expected to grow by 2050. In India, 80% of non-urgent medical care can be delivered at home. People are looking for a long life with quality of life.


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Tests in the Full Body Package

Our patient’s reports are 100% perfect. full body package has 65+ tests in Basic Full Body Packages, Advance Full Body Packages and individual like fever profile, lipid profile, thyroid profile LFT (Liver Function Test), KFT (Kidney Function Test), and many more.

Why choose Full Body Package

Safe home collection, certified technicians, certified labs, and accurate reports. Home collection services, you have the comfort of receiving blood tests at an affordable price without taking any risk.

  • Approach: when patients want to give their blood test at home and their homes are far from test centers and don’t have to travel to centers then they can easily access their doctors through chats, email, and video call platforms.
  • Comfort: We have advanced technology, it’s easier to use than other self-sampling tools, our specialized team of doctors with experience, patients can collect specific samples of blood at home, diminishing the number of visits required for healthcare.
  • Service: Health is very important, we ensure that we give you our best services at an affordable price even after the pandemic.  we will provide blood tests at home without any difficulty, patients don’t need to worry. 
  • Security: Our complete full body check-up thyrocare is best for all patients of all age groups. our blood test centers and improves safety between patients and us. patients collect their kits by the mail.
  • Ideology and thoughts: you think about risk in at-home services but we promise you that you will never have in trouble, changing a patient’s mindset and are now turning towards differentiating healthcare with other services. at-home healthcare, therefore, is a better solution for our lives.  
  • Acknowledgment: we have been approved by ICMR and Reg: NABL and are committed to delivering the best services in our area with 9700+ happy patients and 80+ expert doctors.

How much time does it take for a Full Body Checkup In Delhi NCR

It will take 30 minutes to 2 hours a day and you don’t get to worry about the process

we will provide you with all the information about the process

also, we will solve every query related to the process

You should come because this will be the best experience here with our personalized lab with experienced technicians.



Although you want the best Full Body Checkup in Delhi NCR at home, With our full body package at-home services

You can book your consultation on our website for you and your closest one at the best price.

Health is more important than everything, you want to save your time and health, you have to visit our website at least once and book your consultation for your health.

You should regularly take full-body health check-ups, Full Body Checkup in Delhi NCR visit our website.

Therefore, Our corporation with Thyrocare and lead you to a special combination of the right tests.

You have the comfort of receiving blood tests and at an affordable price without taking any risk.

We help in differentiating the concern related to health and doctors will treat patients as per the patient’s conditions.

The reason you have to go for a Full Body Checkups in Delhi NCR, you will live a healthy life.



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