Twin Flame Separation Stages & Ending Signs

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Do you want to know more about the twin flame separation stages?

You may have heard of twin flames and how real and true a relationship is. Although unavoidable and pure, the relationship with the twin flame is fraught with pain, difficulties, and anguish.

Separations and reunions are destined for the twin flame journey. Because emotions and passions are more intense in twin flames compared to other relationships, the pains of separation also feel deeper and harder.

This article looks at the reasons for the twin flames split, how it ends, and what leads to the reunion.

What is twin flame separation? Is it avoidable?

Sometimes a soul separates into two and inhabits two persons – twin flames. While twin flames survive lifetimes, twin flames have a natural tendency to bond over all rebirths. The relationship does not have to be romantic and it can also be platonic. Like friends, siblings, or even parents.

Not everyone has a twin flame. This means that you can miss the reunion with your twin flame if you are not expecting it and are not aware of the signs of a twin flame reconnection.

Even if you acknowledge your twin flame, at some point in the relationship it becomes too passionate and intense that separation becomes inevitable. The trigger for the separation may come from one person or from both.

Just as the twin flame relationship is destined, breakups and unions are also part of the journey. During their lifetime, soulmates will undoubtedly have multiple separations and reunions. This is because every time the twin flames break, they can’t resist getting back together. And when they’re together, they can’t help but break up.

What leads to twin flame separation?

Twin flames are mirror souls, they are exact replicas of each other. Often times, this is itself the reason for the outbursts and aggression in the relationship.

You may be able to ignore and escape your own flaws and shortcomings, but when you see the same in your twin flame, it becomes too unbearable to tolerate.

The purpose of the twin flame union is to aid in self-discovery and to scale new heights and to realize your own potential. In relationships, there is always the possibility that things can go downhill when the partner gets too involved.

Sometimes the parting is friendly with mutual respect intact. Most of the time, this is not the case. Since passions are high in twin flame relationships, separation can also cause extreme outbursts of anger.

When the twins activate the separation, they will turn out to be the twin soul walkers. And the other becomes a hunter.

The separation phase will be brutally painful and last longer if both twins have a lot of negative emotions from the relationship. If one or both of them manage to recognize each other as twin flames and see the separation phase as it is, the break will be shorter and the reunion smoother.

While things are going well in the twin flame relationship, you should be able to spot signs of impending separation. While no two twin flame relationships are the same, it is possible to find a common thread for this scenario. They like too much fame and pushing each other too much.

Even if the two don’t recognize each other as twin flames, the reunions eventually take place.

How to deal with twin flame separation?

Whether you have caused the separation or are partially responsible for it, it is important to know how to deal with the separation of twin flames. Determine how long they will be apart and how quickly the reunion will take place. When you remove a lot of negative baggage from the relationship, the divorce will certainly last longer until the negativity is gone.

If you are the viewer of the divorce fiasco, you can only accept the breakup as a temporary phase and show patience and understanding. Just remember that you don’t gain anything by resisting the breakup. Because that’s part of the 515 angel number twin flame journey.

All you can do is stay positive with self-love, meditation, and affirmations. Getting guidance and support can help you reunite with your twin sister more quickly.

1. Feel the physical presence

Even if they are physically far from each other after the divorce, they can feel the physical presence of their twins. It is possible that you are doing the normal activities of the day and suddenly you remember your twin sister and you can really feel that she is with you.

This may seem scary and strange, but it is a common occurrence during the divorce phase. You can feel happy, safe and secure and remember the good times together.

2. Dreams

They go their own way and forget about each other. Then your 1133 angel number twin flame will appear out of nowhere in your dreams. Usually these dreams are related to happy occasions and it is possible that your twin brother is sending you a message.

If you are the type of person who can remember her dreams, don’t dismiss it as crazy. Think of this as the method used by the Universe to get back together. You can view the dream as a sign to reconnect with your twin sister. It remains to be seen if this will lead to a meeting.

3. Telepathic connection

Spooky and creepy, you might be having a good conversation with your twin sister in your head as if they were right next to you. You may feel confused and perplexed by the conversation and why your twin sister is showing up in your life, albeit in your imagination.

Instead of shaking it off as a trick of your mind or the effects of a terrible hangover, sit up and take note. This is a not-so-subtle way the Universe uses to get you back to your twin sister.

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