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You’ll Love These 8 Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets

There’s a lot that goes into kitchen design. No detail is too small when it comes to faucets, lighting, and d├ęcor in a dream kitchen. However, although there are many minor details to note in your kitchen, don’t miss a major feature: your kitchen cabinets. (steel cabinet manufacturer Malaysia)

You’ve probably seen cabinets outside your house that you’d want to use in your kitchen. However, before you make the huge choice to install new cabinets, make sure you understand the many kinds of cabinets available, all of which are attractive.


Shaker No. 1

The Shaker style is the most popular cabinet style today. The Shaker style is made up of five flat-panel elements that are arranged in a frame with four sections and a single flat centre panel as the fifth piece. According to HGTV, this is a popular trend because of the basic and classic aesthetic it gives to either a conventional or modern design.

Flat panelled doors with rail frames, solid construction with high-quality wood, and utilitarian forms are all hallmarks of Shaker cabinets. When it comes to the materials utilised for Shaker-style kitchen cabinets, you’ll almost always find high-quality American wood, particularly that found in the northeastern United States. Cherry, maple, hickory, and quartersawn oak are some of the most used woods for shaker cabinets.


2. Louvered Kitchen Cabine

Louvered kitchen cabinets have horizontal wooden slats and are rather expensive. It provides a distinct look to kitchen cabinetry, with a pattern that is often found on windows, furniture, and interior doors.

Because most louvred doors feature openings between each slat, louvred cabinets are ideal for places that need ventilation, according to Houzz. When looking for doors to a cabinet near a radiator, a pantry cabinet, or a clothes drying cabinet in a laundry room, keep this in mind.


3. Slab or Flat-Panel

Flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors, often known as “slab” cabinet doors, are basic yet attractive. The flat-panel kitchen cabinet type has clean lines and a simple design that is devoid of costly details. The basic flat-panel cabinet’s look works well in both contemporary and modern kitchens.

Flat-panel cabinets can be built in a variety of ways. One persistent aspect of this architecture, according to The Spruce, is the lack of frames on the slab doors. Rather, they are solid slabs, as their name suggests.


4. Insertion

Inset-style cabinets, as the name implies, have an inset door set within the cabinet frame rather than outside the frame like traditional cabinet doors. Each door is designed and built with incredibly precise measurements. This is because want to ensure that the wood sits inside the frame and opens and closes properly.

Inset kitchen cabinets and drawers are among the most costly on the market, but they have a timeless design that will endure for years. Inset cabinetry is simple to customise with beaded or non-beaded inserts to create unique cabinets. According to Master Brand, beaded inset structure is built into the cabinet door itself. This adds great workmanship to the edge detail.

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Keep in mind that this cabinetry type frequently necessitates visible hinges rather than the hidden hinges seen on many other cabinet door layouts. Unlike hidden hinges, which are included in the cost of the cabinet box, you’ll need to buy two hinges per door for inset cabinets. This may rapidly add up in your budget.


5. Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for a kitchen with an old feel? If that’s the case, distressed cabinets and drawers are a good choice. Distressed-looking cabinets are available from most manufacturers and come in any door type with rubbed-off edges and other distressing processes to give them an aged appearance.

According to steel cabinet manufacturer Malaysia, a contractor performing distressing methods on your new cabinets would normally cost an extra 15 to 20%.


6. Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard cabinetry, which is made up of rows of vertical planks with depression or ridges known as “beads” between each blank, has a more dynamic aspect than flat kitchen cabinets. The look of the beads adds texture to this style cabinet door, making it ideal for a country farmhouse or cottage kitchen.

If all-white Beadboard cabinets appear to be the perfect finishing touch for your cottage kitchen, keep in mind that the style’s cracks and crevasses can be difficult to clean and maintain.


7.Thermofoil Cabinets.

Medium-density fiberboard is moulded into Thermofoil kitchen cabinets (MDF). This sort of door is then sealed by wrapping it in a type of plastic covering and baking it under high heat. The procedure produces kitchen cabinetry that is both long-lasting and cost-effective.

According to SF Gate, thermofoil kitchen cabinets are easy to clean, low maintenance, and moisture resistant, but they have poor heat resistance. This implies they shouldn’t be placed too near to a heat source, such as an oven. If you do, the laminate on the veneer cover may fall loose.


8. Personalization

If you can’t find a door design for your kitchen cabinets that you like in shops, bespoke cabinets are the way to go. To develop your own unique kitchen cabinet design, consult a local designer or steel cabinet manufacturer Malaysia.

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