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What is the importance of DAF for UPSC Mock Interview?

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Personality Test of UPSC-CSE is a process to find one’s suitability for various posts of Civil Services. For that, UPSC conducts upsc mock interview of almost two thousand candidates.

To get selected for the service of your choice . One has to score at least 190 marks in UPSC Interview which is in itself is a perplexing situation. After clearing the UPSC-CSE Mains examination, the successful candidates have to fill a Detailed Application Form (DAF). This DAF consists of your crucial information from which the Interview Board members generally ask most of the questions.

So, your DAF is one such way to invite the . Board members to ask questions from the areas that you have indicated in your DAF. First of all, we need to understand that what are the details to be filled in DAF. Here is a brief explanation of the components of DAF.

Firstly, you must go through the instructions provided by the UPSC. It will make the process of filling up the DAF smoother for you. These instructions will guide you with regard to some common doubts . Such as Last date of filling DAF, Components of DAF such as Cadre Preference, Service preference, Reservation rules, Documents to keep ready and so on.

Second part is about your personal information. It basically asks you to provide certain parameters . Such as Roll No., Name, DOB, Place of birth, Mother tongue and so on. This information should be filled carefully . Since after clearing the exam, there is one stage known as Document Verification where these details are verified with your original documents.

Third part is about your educational information. It contains your educational details such as examination passed, year of passing, percentage, name of school or college and name of university. So, it is advisable for every candidate to fill those area of interest on which they have sound knowledge and of course, the interest.

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Fifth is one of the most important parts i.e., Service Preference. In this part, you will have to give preference to the services according to your choice. This is the most crucial one since your Rank and Preference will decide which service is to be provided to you. It is advisable for every candidate to go through these services in detail in order to know the job profiles of these services. There is one more aspect about this part that the UPSC Interview board will certainly ask you questions on the rationality of your service preference.

Sixth part is the second most important one i.e., Zone and Cadre Preference. From the UPSC Interview perspective, . This part also matters a lot since here also the board can ask you the question about the rationality of your Zone and Cadre preference.

Seventh part is about your Socio-Economic Information. It has nothing to do with your selection process. Basically, it asks you about the Place of birth, School education, residence, your background (Rural/Urban), Educational Particulars, Employment status, Previous selection in UPSC-CSE, priority for civil services, number of attempts made, optional and so on. The UPSC Board members ask you questions on these parameters. You must fill these fields carefully to avoid any troublesome situation in the interview that can put you in a position where your answers seem conflicting with the information provided by you.

  It mainly contains the educational documents and reservation documents.

So, this was a brief about the DAF-II. One can clearly understand the importance of the DAF for the Interview since questions in .

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