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Give Your Old House a New Look with Interior Designers

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Old houses are often charming, but they can also be pretty ugly and uninviting inside. This can be a serious problem if you’re thinking of selling your old house, as potential buyers might walk away at the first sight of it if they don’t feel comfortable in it. Luckily, interior designers Gurgaon can help transform your old house into an appealing home that makes people want to spend time there and also convinces them that it’s worth the price you’re asking for it.

Old Houses vs New

Some people think old houses are ugly and outdated, but interior designers can give any home—old or new—some serious style. If you want to create an environment that looks classy and feels inviting, it’s not enough to just choose colors that look nice together. You need a trained eye for design that only comes from professional training and years of experience. Interior designers understand what colors go well together; they know how different furnishings work in different rooms and how to best use lighting to make your home’s rooms look inviting. By working with an interior designer, you can turn your old house into something even better: a dream home.

Why Interior Designers are Important for Remodeling an Old House?

When your residence is an older one, finding interior designers who will be able to work well in your old house can be a little tricky. There are some important things you need to consider before making that hire. For example, do they understand how to take care of antique surfaces? Are they experienced in dealing with building materials that don’t meet today’s fire codes? How much are they willing to charge you per hour? To find out more on how you can choose an interior designer for your home, follow these tips

Tips to Choose Interior Designers

At first, it might be tempting to go online and ask friends or family members whom they would recommend. But you’ll get a better idea of what designers in your area are really like if you interview several before picking one. Plus, as many interior designers will tell you, interior design is very much an art form and each designer has their own style and flair that could appeal to your taste more than another’s. Interviewing a few designers will give you an idea of what type of design feels right for your home’s specific layout and décor.

Questions to Ask Before Selecting an Interior Designer

When hiring an interior designer, there are a few things you should know before you make your selection. What’s their previous experience? How do they interact with clients? How long has their business been in operation? You’ll want to make sure you’re selecting someone who offers competitive rates and quality work, but also someone who puts your needs first. If there is one thing that’s certain about interior designers, it’s that they know design! Make sure you choose wisely when choosing between interior designers for your home or office space. We must say, Stonify will be the best choice for your dream home.


Interior designers are important to have in your corner when trying to give an old house a new look. They understand how to make renovations that keep the character of an older home but also help it work for modern-day living. Interior designers will even help you figure out what rooms should get more light and which ones can benefit from window treatments, which makes them valuable additions to any renovation project, whether your home is 200 years old or just 10. Whatever your style and budget may be, interior designers are available in many forms. They might be architecture students specializing in residential interiors. They might have graduate degrees from prestigious design schools. Or they could simply have their own line of remodeling products and furniture that they’re eager to show off.

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