Important tips to Prepare for Defence Exams

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Clearing the defence exams can lead you to the golden opportunity to serve your motherland. So many aspirants are working hard from the core of their hearts to crack the defence exams. It is hard to digest that even a single mistake is enough to spoil the hard work of months. It is necessary to follow some instructions and necessary tips to avoid blunders while preparing for the defence exam. If you have a burning passion inside of your heart to crack the defence exam then this article can help you know some important tips to follow. 


In India, many youngsters are desiring to join the defence forces. If you are desiring to join defence forces then first, decide which exam you want to prepare for. Collect necessary information on it. If you want to appear for an CDS exam then referring to the best institutions providing CDS coaching in Chandigarh can help you in your preparations. The experts in the institution can guide you to your goal. 


Here are some expert tips to prepare for the defence exam.


  • Crave the right information

Many students start to read some recognized books without collecting the necessary information for the exams. Well, this is a blunder. Collect the right information on the exams with the help of the internet and experts. Misinformation can lead you down the wrong path and can waste your energy and time. Get information on how the exam is conducted. Remember that the commission conducting the exam will release a notification before accepting the application forms.  Read that notification carefully before filling in the form. Furthermore, read all the instructions written on the admit cards. Any minor mistake in the form can restrain you from appearing in the exam. Moreover, stay updated on the exam date, new updations, results announcements, etc.


  • Maintain physical fitness

After joining the defense forces, you will come across so many situations where you have to use your physical fitness. Do you think that an unhealthy body will let you do your task efficiently? No, an unhealthy body will trouble your performance. As a result, maintaining physical fitness is mandatory to clear the exam. There will be some rounds that won’t let you proceed further till you don’t fulfill the requirement of physical fitness. 

You are advised to follow a healthy diet, meditation, and exercise to stay fit. Consuming certain kinds of drugs and protein shakes is not good for you. The examiners are concerned with the healthiness and fitness of your body, not with your six abs.


  • Watch patriotic movies

In your free time, you can watch some Indian patriotic movies. This will not only freshen up your mind but also give some crucial information on the defence forces. Try to watch the movies that are concerned with your exam. This will also help you get acquainted with the daily routine and habits of the experts. Some patriotic movies that  can help you gain knowledge on defence forces  are:

  • Baby
  • Airlift
  • Gold
  • Parmanu
  • 4G

Moreover, these movies will motivate you to perform better preparations. 


  • The syllabus

The syllabus of the exam you are preparing for plays a very important role in cracking the defence exams. Without the syllabus, you will never be able to reach your goal. In short, the syllabus is the basic form of your question paper. The examiner will never ask a question that is not concerned with the syllabus of the exam. Download the syllabus from the official website of the commission conducting the exam. If possible, paste it into a location where you can see it every day. As a result, it will also motivate you to cover the concepts mentioned in the syllabus. 

Are you aiming to clear the upcoming defence exams? If yes, then approach the best institutions that provide the best defence coaching. The experts in the institution will help you race your preparations for the exam. 


  • Notes-making

Revision helps in improving the knowledge. Which further enhances confidence. Many students prefer notes-making for revision. Notice that revision is a must to crack the defence exams. You can’t remember the content in just one reading. You have to revise everything you have studied. If you love reading then reread the books because you always get something new, every time you read a book.  But you can also make your own notes for better revision. Add colors to your notes with highlighters. There are some apps that can help you in making efficient notes for your preparations. Some apps are given below:

  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Evernote
  • Notion
  • Google keep
  • bear

These apps can help you in making notes. You can read these notes in your free time.


  • Watching prominent  English news channels

Reading newspapers is a must for cracking the defence exams. Despite newspapers,  you can also watch some news channels such as LKTV, RSTV, etc. to enhance your knowledge of current affairs. There are some prominent news channels that provide necessary information on new technologies and new rules & regulations. Not only this but watching news channels will also help you in enhancing your English. Because many experts use the English language to discuss important matters. Watch these channels at least for half an hour daily.


  • Time management

Time is a very important factor that decides success in the government exam. Remember that how fast you can attempt a right answer matters more than attempting the right answer only.  Master time management during the exam with the help of mock tests. But try to practice only those mock tests that are in the exact format of the exam. Eventually, this will help you in attempting maximum questions. 

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We appreciate your decision to join the defence forces. The most important feature of perfect defence personnel is their positive attitude. Positiveness transforms the impossible into the possible. If you have decided to take such a huge responsibility on your shoulders then don’t let a minor mistake spoil the game. Take necessary precautions and believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible for a person who has faith in his abilities. 


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