Are Twin Flames Connection Meant to Be Lovers?

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Your twin flame connection is a bond of unconditional spiritual love that transcends lives and brings them back together again and again, but are twin flames destined to be lovers in all lives?

Although their love bond may or may not be romantic during the human experience, twin flames are always together on a spiritual level. In many cases, they are also together in 3D, one way or another. Whether you are a lover or not, your twin flame is always in connection with you. And regardless of the details of your 3D experience, your twin flame always loves you on a higher dimensional level.

How that is reflected in the 3D relationship plane you work with depends on a number of factors. Depending on that plane, it can be beneficial or detrimental to your soul bond to continue to exist together. But whatever the details of your 3D experience, always remember that they must stick together on a soul level.

Are Twin Flames Meant to Be Together?

Twin Flames are meant to achieve unification at some point in their lives. In that sense, yes, twin flames are destined to be together and not only to achieve unity, but also to achieve fusion.

The bond of unconditional love and the energy cord between the twin souls makes their connection indestructible. That means that you and your twin flame are always connected at an energy level, whether you are together in 3D or not.

When twin souls are around each other, they always feel it, whether they are aware of their true sacred mission of union or not yet. Sometimes that means they are probably lovers and sometimes they aren’t. You should keep in mind that unconditional love comes in many forms, not just as a romantic love partner.

Always Together in the Spiritual Realm

Your high frequency twin flame divine love makes the relationship between you spiritual in the first place. Because your soul and that of your divine counterpart are connected on an energetic level, you share experiences, feelings, even twin flame telepathy, on a spiritual level they are always together. That connection is independent of the details of your current human experience or relationship.

Depending on the relationship model you have adopted during this human experience, you may be in love with your twin flame and they are in love with you. You could even be your twin flame’s partner. But they could also be in a different kind of relationship and still be together, as best friends, parents / children, student / mentor. All those planes of the 644 angel number twin flame relationship still bring them together, but not on a romantic level.

Your twin flame relationship doesn’t have to be romantic for you to be together. In fact, romance can be one of many ways to achieve unity. What matters is that your twin flame relationship processes the karma that remains there and that it processes any leftover problems from past lives. They always do it together as soul mates.

How Do You Know If Your Twin Flame Loves You?

Simply put, they can’t stop loving you. Whether that is a romantic form of love during this human experience or not depends on a number of factors. But your twin flame always loves you on a spiritual level, on the level of her soul truth.

Your power cord has encoded all the planes of love it contains. In fact, you can say that your twin flame loves you not only on the highest possible frequency level, but also in every possible way. But remember that here we are talking about her higher beings.

The three-dimensional self may no longer seem to recognize or even love you. If your twin flame has not yet awakened spiritually and you haven’t realized your 939 angel number twin flame bond, it may be more difficult for your 3D self to process or even believe that you love you. In 3D, they may not even realize it yet. But that in no way changes the deep truth of his band’s soul.

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