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The holiday season is almost approaching.

It also means that I’ll be travelling till Thanksgiving and that a marketer is just waiting to send me an email with a holiday promotion. Football is back, which means barbeque tailgates (Open Link in new window).

Holiday planning doesn’t have to be a bummer, even when the fourth quarter comes with a mile-long to-do list and possibly some extra pressure. Additionally, it is not necessary to promote your product collection every day for 60 days.

I’ve put together a list of holiday campaign dos and don’ts to help your business make the most of this season. Use it to focus your efforts on what will put you on your customers’ nice list—and what will put them on the naughty one.

Plan ahead

It’s critical to end the year on a positive note, especially for companies that cater to customers.

If you prepare ahead for the holiday season, even if you’ve left your planning until the last minute, you can still escape being put on the naughty list.

Your strategy should cover the following fundamentals, just as you would for any other campaign:

  • Specify your objective
  • Know the logic behind it (for you and your customer)
  • Describe the process and how it will help your consumer.
  • Decide what will be included.
  • Specify the date, time, and duration of the event.

Make People Excited

The Sears Christmas catalogue was fantastic, don’t you think?

Sears was the important tastemaker that children and adults used to create their wish lists long before Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and Amazon.

Even if these enormous catalogues may never appear again (unless The Cheesecake Factory decides to expand its legendary menu), there is still a chance to generate the same kind of excitement for your goods.

Your business may get into the holiday mood and highlight the things that your consumers already appreciate by using your email lists, social media accounts, and website.

Having a countdown to the largest agreements and revelations is one of the simplest ways to achieve this. Unsurprisingly, Amazon does a fantastic job of informing their customers that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching (Open Link in new window). For highly anticipated things, it frequently displays countdown clocks right away on its homepage, in emails, and on all of its social media outlets.

What Your Customers Want in Features

One of the simplest methods to generate excitement? Offer them what they desire.

Although it should be obvious, why do you continue to see your favourite band on tour? because the hits are played.

It’s good to start with a few items you want to highlight, but once the excitement has reached a certain point, the objective is to maintain it.

Find out what is on your clients’ wish list by speaking with them. You’ll not only build strong relationships, but you’ll learn priceless lessons that you can put to good use long beyond the holidays.

Involve Your Audience

The simplest promotions frequently have the best results.

Doing something with your campaigns gets everyone involved and engages your customers, whether it’s an Instagram contest or a giveaway raffle at your store.

A speciality food store could, for instance, launch a hashtag competition centred on the table where their customers often eat holiday meals and all the memories that go along with it. The winners of the competition could receive a free supper or have food donated in their honour to a nearby food bank.

Invite your audience’s friends to participate as well. This will be a fantastic chance to find your largest supporters and influencers as well as to get your consumers to promote and market for you.


While big-box shops might be perplexed by this notion, email lists don’t have to be utilised only to promote products.

By promoting your company’s holiday season events across each channel, you may let various audience segments know what they might be missing elsewhere.

No Rest for Bridget, a fashion retailer, did an excellent job doing this in 2018.

With a plain white design that let each item stand out, it used its emails as a gift guide catalogue. The company’s Instagram account then highlighted particular things by putting them together in outfits that allowed its customers to visualise themselves wearing them.

No Time for Every link Bridget shared on each channel led back to the company’s website, where they would request the sale.

Cross-promotion makes it simpler for customers to stay informed about unique contests, sales, and other seasonal content since it’s likely that not all of your customers follow you everywhere.

Create Some Holiday Magic

You could even say that the holidays are a touch magical because you get to spend time with and exchange gifts with the people you care about most.

Most likely, your clients share same sentiments.

Consider including a small gift with your clients’ purchases throughout the Christmas season to make their experience even more wonderful.

As Derek Halpern demonstrated, it has been found that adding an extra to a customer’s purchase results in a higher perceived value than simply giving them a discount.

A discount can make your clients’ Christmas wishes come true, but after the holidays are over, they’ll still be searching for the same bargains.

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