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Difference between Fortigate 60 F with 40F

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Just one month after the Fortigate 60F‘s arrival, the network security community is gushing over this cutting-edge security appliance. There is a lot to be excited about with its SoC4 security processor, application-specific chip stack, and WAN edge capabilities. The fundamental differences between the FortiGate 60F and its predecessor, the FortiGate 60E, can be difficult to understand, though, because firewall makers frequently build and release firewalls in subsequent generations. While the FG-60E continues to be among the quickest, safest, and most well-liked firewalls in the market, let’s take a deeper look at what new capabilities the FG-60F holds.


Tech Specs for the FortiGate 60E in a Nutshell:


  • 3 Gbps Firewall Throughput


  • Throughput for IPS: 400 Mbps


  • Throughput for NGFW: 250 Mbps


  • 150 Mbps SSL VPN throughput


  • 1,300,000 concurrent sessions (TCP).


  • 30,000 new connections made every second


  • Latency of the firewall: 3 s


Overview of the FortiGate 60E


FortiGate 60E is one of the most secure Next Generation Firewalls ever created, as evidenced by the numerous awards and distinctions it has received from the industry. With over 1.5 million devices sold worldwide, the FortiGate 60 series is actually the best-selling firewall in the entire globe. The FortiGate 60E, which debuted in the market in 2016, has a SoC3 (System-on-a-Chip) design that boosts networking performance much beyond the potential of earlier generations. One of the earliest Fortinet firewalls to be incorporated into the then-developing Fortinet Security Fabric architecture was the FortiGate 60E.


For medium-sized businesses, the FortiGate 60E is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform that offers integrated wired and wireless networking. This variant offers quick 802.11ac wireless through built-in dual-band, dual-stream wireless with integrated internal antennas. A USB connector on the appliance’s back also enables interoperability with 3G or 4G USB modems for added WAN connectivity.


Even though this Next Generation Firewall is a few years old, when compared to its rivals, it still leads the pack. The FortiGate 60E is still a fantastic choice as a primary network firewall for any small organisation that isn’t especially concerned with SD-WAN implications.


FortiGate 60F Quick Technical Specifications


  • 10 Gbps Firewall Throughput


  • Throughput for IPS: 1.4 Gbps


  • 1 Gbps NGFW Throughput


  • SSL VPN Speed: 900 Mbps


  • 700,000 concurrent sessions (TCP)


  • 35,000 new connections made every second


  • Latency of the firewall: 4 s


Overview of the FortiGate 60F


A high-performance SD-WAN solution with a small, fanless form factor is the FortiGate 60F. The FG-60F, which is intended for branch offices, far-flung outposts, and mid-sized firms, makes complex remote access difficulties simple and aids organisations in lowering long-term costs by gradually replacing pricey MPLS connections. For the kinds of cloud-connected services that companies now rely on, like Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce, Office 365, and others, SD-WAN offers safe, direct Internet connectivity.


Fortinet’s SD-WAN Application-Specific Integrated Circuit enables this security-focused WAN edge networking (ASIC). The first-of-its-kind SOC4 enables lightning-fast application identification and steering for more than 5,000 recognised cloud applications. It was first launched in the more port-heavy, rack-mountable FortiGate 100F. Modern connected enterprises can deliver excellent user experiences without worrying about performance loss because to Fortinet’s powerful routing capabilities.


The FortiGate 60F joins its bigger F-Series brother, the 100F, as the leaders in the industry’s news-making SD-WAN arms race. These models should be at the top of any shortlist for any firm wishing to deploy apps, devices, or cloud environments across many branch locations due to their exceptional WAN edge efficiency.


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