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7 Steps to becoming a Successful Hair dresser

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Whether you’ve thought of a women’s or mixed hair dresser, a fixed location or working from home, check out our tips for becoming a successful professional hairdresser.

Define the Type of Hair Salon

Who will be your customers? What kind of services will you have? Will it be a female or mixed hairdresser? You need to answer these questions to start setting up your successful salon. Then, when you already have in mind the atmosphere and style of hairdressing salon you want to open, you will have to make decisions, especially if you want to open an establishment of this type from scratch, if you are going to reopen an already established one or if you are going to opt for a franchise.

If you acquire a hairdressing salon already on the market and have the equipment, you should analyze the business well. Request access to billing for previous months to assess the location, number of customers, and the physical condition of the premises and the existing equipment. Analyze if you need to carry out work or if the business is working properly.

The franchisee can be advantageous since the business format is already created and widely tested in the market. However, initially, it can be more expensive. If you want to set up a salon using this business model, find out about the industry, franchise opportunities and the costs involved.

Make a good plan

Prepare a thoroughly detailed business plan, including the initial investment costs, as well as the associated fixed monthly costs,

Initial Investment

  • Expenses derived from the constitution as a company;
  • Technical equipment (mirror tables, washing sets, cutting chairs…);
  • Furniture (sofas, reception furniture, product display shelves, umbrella stand…);
  • Computer equipment, cash register and certified software;
  • lighting and sound system;
  • Air-conditioning.

Fixed costs

  • Workers’ wages;
  • Rent or bank credit;
  • Franchisee expenses (if applicable);
  • Consumption (water, electricity, telephone, internet, etc.)
  • hairdressing and disposable products;
  • Cleaning services;
  • accounting and insurance services;
  • Marketing, promotion and advertising;
  • Equipment maintenance.

Find the Most Appropriate Financing

Financing should be a point to consider if you do not have the full value of the investment you have to make to open your beauty salon. To finance the initial investment, there are several options available;

  • Bank credit or microcredit – consult various banks and choose the most advantageous proposal;
  • Support from the IEFP (Vocational Training and Employment Institute) with access to lines of credit;
  • Crowdfunding – online collaborative financing;
  • Financing for young entrepreneurs – ENISA, ICO or those of private entities.

The legal situation of your hairdresser

From the administrative point of view, if the premises are less than 300 meters, requesting a prior opening license is not necessary. It will be enough to present a technical report and the consequently responsible statement to the town hall, as well as the payment of the appropriate fees.

Choose the Location of the Hairdresser Well

The situation of your hairdressing business will be essential to achieving success. Choosing a place with visible and easily accessible movement and in an area where this type of service does not exist will be a plus. Consider these ideas regarding the location of your hair salon business plan:

  • Rental or purchase of the space according to your budget;
  • Hygiene and safety conditions following current legislation;
  • Existing infrastructure – electricity, water, telephone, internet;
  • Parking nearby and/or public transport network nearby;
  • Choose stores at street level for greater visibility or, in a mall, stores near the entrance or escalators.

Hire an Efficient Team

Competence, friendliness and good customer service are characteristics you should look for in the professionals you want to hire for your hairdressing salon. Although having training in hairdressing and aesthetics is important, currently, it is not necessary, from a legal point of view, to have accredited training to practice the following professions:

  • Barber;
  • Barber;
  • Manicure;
  • Pedicure;
  • Beautician;
  • Aesthetic masseur.

You can hire one or more professionals from the same area, depending on the size of your business and the type of services you want to implement.

For more information you should visit business plan consultants.

Choose a Certified Billing Program

To bill correctly and legally, you must have a certified billing program suitable for your needs and that allows you to register and control your sales in seconds. This is the case of Venus – an online billing program – that works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, laptops, mobile phones and tablets:

  • Fast and without installation;
  • Low cost monthly or annual payment;
  • loyalty campaigns;
  • Presentation of statistics and reports;
  • Compatible with coupon printers and A4 printers;
  • Free updates;
  • Support by phone, email and chat.

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