Healthy Lifestyle: The Key to Treating Erectile Dysfunction

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Western medicine’s tendency to seek a quick fix for every health problem is well-documented. However, providing actual medical care is typically much more complex and time-consuming. Individually, the things that might make us sick might not be all that dangerous. Still, when added together, the cumulative effect can be enough to push us over the edge and give us some annoying health problems. 


The gift of Western medicine has given us drugs such as Vidalista 20, which are very effective in treating erectile dysfunction. However, this is not an absolute cure. No disorder in the world can be cured solely with medicines. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for any treatment to work properly.


Managing an ED is similar. The penis and its capacity to function are all negatively impacted by the minor pressures we submit our bodies to. When we are abused excessively, our bodies send signs that they are ready to give up. When treating ED, it’s essential to take a holistic, lifestyle-based approach to ensure the best chance of a full recovery and continued penile health. Vidalista 20 and other ED pills will just add to this.


Understanding the chemistry of erections


An erection’s chemistry is astounding. When the penis’s blood vessel-lining muscles relax, blood can engorge the penis. This process is initiated by the delicate molecule nitric oxide (NO). Because NO has an imbalanced electron configuration, it will rapidly disintegrate when combined with certain other compounds. 


Antioxidants are essential for NO synthesis and stability because they keep it from deteriorating before it can have a chance to work. Surprisingly, practically every part of our lifestyle impacts how much NO is produced, how it works, and whether or not antioxidants are present to protect it.


ED pills like Vidalista 20 help stimulate this entire process. Whenever ED happens, it is usually one or more of the issues involved here that do not function properly. In very simple terms, ED pills facilitate the release of nitric oxide. This leads to muscular relaxation, which widens the blood vessels around the genitals. As more blood rushes into the penis, it becomes hard.


How to manage a healthy lifestyle for treating ED?


Even if you are taking ED medicines (such as Vidalista 20), you need to maintain a good lifestyle for the medicine to show optimum effects. Continued unhealthy habits will deteriorate your condition and lead to other problems such as diabetes and heart attacks. We have explained ways in which you can live healthily.


Weight management


The size of the penis is irrelevant. Size does matter, especially when it comes to midsections. The most dangerous thing you can do to your manhood is to be overweight or obese. To begin with, males are more likely than women to gain weight around their lower stomach and pubic region. The area of the penis to be used reduces as this fat cushion grows. Half an inch of the penis is lost for every 15 pounds of excess fat. That’s only the start.


Insulin sensitivity is an effect of being overweight. Even if the man does not have diabetes, his excess weight has made it difficult for his body to react to insulin as it ought to. The primary inducer of NO generation is insulin. Lesser NO is equivalent to lower insulin production. Additionally, producing NO is hampered by overweight men’s higher sugar intake.


Excessive weight also makes people lazy and reduces testosterone production. All of this can lead to ED and low libido. Medications such as Vidalista 20 can be recommended.




A recent study found that exercise, including whole-body and penile exercise, is the most significant lifestyle factor impacting ED. Sedentary people have a 2-10 times higher risk of developing ED. Still, those who are moderately active have a 60% lower risk, and those who are highly active have an 80% lower risk. Increased NO generation occurs throughout the entire body as a result of exercise. Exercise also makes the body more responsive to insulin.


Physical activity also stimulates hormone production, making the man more sexually active. This can be helpful when taking medicines to treat ED (such as Vidalista 20).


Stress management


Most of us associate stress with having too much on our plates and not enough time to complete it. But in reality, stress is a highly complicated interaction of physiological and psychological factors. The body anticipates the demand for more energy when under stress, which is its most fundamental definition. 


Stress has a significant sexual impact since adrenaline causes your penis to remain limp frequently. Therefore, even a tiny bit of pressure or worry will cause your body to release adrenaline, instantly preventing you from getting an erection. Excessive stress will even render the effects of medicines like Vidalista 20 ineffective.


Limit Your Fat Intake


Inflammation of arteries is brought on by fat. This inflammation considerably diminishes the impact of NO. Blood fat levels raise oxidation, which disintegrates NO. The benefits of insulin are lessened by fat. A meal heavy in fat can also entirely negate the effects of Vidalista 20. Fat raises cholesterol levels, which can narrow the penis’s minuscule arteries.


How does all of this sound, then? Those French fries can be delicious in your mouth, but ask yourself if they’re worth the hassle they add to your sex life. Rather, limit your fat intake and fill your plate with more protein.


Limit Your Sugar Intake


Insulin resistance and hyperglycemia are related conditions. Increased quantities of sugar also increase oxidation, which breaks down nitric oxide. Diabetics are more likely to develop ED than non-diabetics. Therefore, sugar intake needs to be monitored closely.


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